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“A missing person is a person who is absent from their usual place of residence for no known or apparent reason, and there are serious concerns for his or her safety and welfare, or whose whereabouts are unknown, which leads to a search for the missing person in the interest of his or her own safety and on the basis of family or social interest”.

(Council of Europe, 2009)




Logo policemn and Guardia cívil

If you find yourself in a situation involving the disappearance of a family member, someone close or an acquaintance, do not hesitate to report it to the law enforcement authorities as early as possible.

Reporting the facts in the shortest possible time, as soon as you recognize that someone has gone missing, will allow law enforcement agencies to carry out the first actions aimed at locating the missing person in the most effective way.

Therefore, if you believe that someone is missing then please contact us, either personally, through the law enforcement authorities, or calling the following numbers:

  • Guardia Civil: 062
  • National Police: 091


In those cases in which you know of the disappearance of a person, it is recommended, and it is important, that you take into account the following issues:

  • You do not need to wait 24 hours to report someone as missing.
  • However, before filing a missing person’s report, and in order to establish the disappearance, make a first search at the address or place where the missing person was last seen. This way, it can be ascertain that the person is not hiding, or may have fallen and been injured, or is missing due to other reasons, particularly in cases of minors and elderly people.
  • The missing person’s report must be filed at the police unit closest to the place where you had knowledge of the disappearance of a person.
  • Providing the following information about the missing person will help police investigators in their assessment and search:
    • Full name and date of birth.
    • Day, time and place where the disappearance occurred or the missing person was last seen.
    • Physical description of the missing person (height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, etc.) and what he or she was last seen wearing (clothes, jewellery, glasses or other items).
    • A recent photograph.
    • Details of the health and medical conditions of the missing person: If he or she suffers from a neurodegenerative disease, a chronic disease, or has any disability (psychic, physical, sensory, intellectual or mental), or lack of autonomy (advanced age, difficulty of displacement, physical impairments, medical problems, etc.).
    • If the missing person is following a medical treatment or is taking a prescription medication of vital importance.


Missing poster

In the event that you wish for a missing person alert to be published on our website, you may notify us at any time, either at the moment of filing the report or later. For that purpose, you must provide a recent photograph of the missing person.

The alert will be published once it has been confirmed that there is sufficient information available to issue a missing person alert, and it will remain posted on the website until the police investigation to locate the missing person is completed.